Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Due Diligence, Very Fresh, Jesse Carsten Band, Sin, Dirty Bird, May 2, 2011

I will be back blogging for years(exxageration). I will do this in no particular order.
So. to begin.
Really incredible Night featuring Due Diligence, Sin Nis from Georgia, Jesse Carsten Band, and Very Fresh. All American rock and roll sort of night. Special guest appearance by Dirty Bird

Jesse Carsten Band

Jesse Carsten(XXY Lemon, occasionally featured in Old Table)- Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Yankou(Turbosleaze, No one and the Somebodies, XXY Lemon)- Bass
Will Moloney(Old Table,Turbosleaze)- Drums

Jesse Carsten Band 1 May 2, 2011

Dirty Bird

Sin- visiting band from Valdosta, Georgia

Jim Davies- Guitar, vocals
Anthony Halley- Drums, vocals

Due Diligence

Not sure the exact lineup this night, as these jiving cats like to change it up a bit, but I believe it is as follows.
Isaac Diligence - Guitar & Vocals
Ben Sadock - Bass
Charles Goold - Drums

Yes, Isaac is wrapping tape around his guitar here. RocknRoll Babay.

Very Fresh

Cindy Lou Gooden- Bass, vocals
Sarah Dupuis(Quilty)- Guitar, vocals
Julian Fader(Quilty, Ava Luna)- Drums
and a bassist?

and a picture of Will Table to finish .

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