Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monster Island Basement November 3, 2010

Pics from Show November 3,2010 at Monster Island Basement

I do not know the bands names. the link below will give all the info you need if your interested. when I have more time I will come back and add links to the bands.


Opening Band

Dancers with the Lucky Dragons and co. set

Outside the venue

Not sure who she was, but she was totally great, in my mind the best set!

Walks in Brooklyn, the vast empty, beautiful warehouses of New York

Incredible how this new art form is developed from covering up Graffitti. It's like a headstone, marking the spot. Here lies a Human attempt to take back the urban landscape. To turn into art that which is empty and cold

To name, to Mark.

Lights in the window like stars in water

Almost Orion

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