Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snake Ranch's 100 Year Anniversary


So...Portland. The kind of a place where a house hosts their first show and 80 people come. That may not be crazy in Portland, but let me tell you...WOAH! I was so not prepared. But it went great! No one died, the cops didn't come, and you could barely hear the music outside. (It helped that the bands had reasonable ideas about volume. No 17 year old boi's with giant amps here. Or Turbosleaze. No way that band could ever be reasonable bout anything. love you )

Oh, Someone tagged our house! (with chalk, so it's okay, but Cody Jazz, whoever you may be, you are banned. Kidding. Kind of.).

Anyway, it was bloody awesome, and here are TONS of pics and gifs and videos to prove it. I guess I was feelin a little camera happy...Enjoy!

Oh. And please wait a minute to let everything load so that the gifs will play smoothly. It's totally worth it, there are some reeeealllll good ones.

Jesse Carsten

Jesse opened up the show with a really great set, lots of new songs. It's been so long since I've seen him perform without a band, and it was really fun. The crowd was really receptive and freindly. Jesse spent comparatively little time on the floor though he did fall at the end, knocking a girl into the pole in the middle of the space. I was so glad that I had covered the thing in layers of bubblewrap.

Covering an Old Table song

I admit, it was strange hearing this song performed without the usual crowd yelling J-E-S-S-I-I I AM NOT A MAN. (well...I was yelling you can hear....) But the Portland crowd will catch on soon enough, and the west coast will too have this cry of gender/cage disavowal


Youth at Snake Ranch

Another great video of the night that I did not take( but you can see my roomies dancing in. You can see Snake Ranch pretty well. Thanks to whoever took this great video!

White Fang


White Fang-Epic Party

Bass Malfunctions=Great Dancing


Lots of crowd surfing which is a testament to the Portlanders insistence on fun and ridiculousness, cause we have a REALLY low ceiling, it's more like crawling on the ceiling then anything else....but when I put it that way it sounds kinda awesome, huh?

see what I mean about crawling?

My roomie Garrett Durrant.

G.D. at Snake Ranch

More Crowd Surfing

There were some shitty casualties. Of course. A bunch of the 'Gnar Tapes' tapes were stolen, and whoever did that you should really give those kids some money, cause tapes are a truly beautiful and VERY time consuming product, and they are doing something so good for their friends and their community. (Plus, that shits not cool at Snake Ranch. if you don't have dollaz, just trade something guys!)

Also, someone stole my toothpaste. Which is just weird. That person must have SOOOOO drunk.


Equipment Malfunction

I love this gif. There are a lot of incredible individual photos in here(check out the girl smiling at the camera and tucking her hair behind her ear all sexy)but I love the overall euphoric effect, flashes of smiling faces, how enthusiastic everyone is. I'll put some stills from it below


Thanks to everyone who came. It went so smoothly (except for aforementioned a-holes) and I am so glad everyone had such a good time. Everyone(almost) that I talked too was so supportive and positive. I am so excited to become a part of this music community, with people who love house shows, and love supporting music. I am excited to welcome musicians and performers into my home. I am excited to make art here, I feel as though this community will be so receptive to whatever I'm doing, even if it's strange, or threatening, or whatever. I feel as though I live here now. So, again, thank you to all who came to the show. We hope to have many more in the future, (Though they will probably be a little smaller. Awesome as this show was....80 is definately snake ranch max capacity)all kinds of music, all kinds of if only I could get a job

p.s. Some kid asked if he could have a dubstep party at Snake Ranch next week. Too much man, too fuckin much.

P.S.S. There is a facebook page. Like it to here about upcoming shows.!/events/228560490556428/

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