Friday, January 20, 2012

New York Archives 1

Hello All
This is one of the last archived shows I have to share. (Archived because it is from a long time ago and either never made it onto any of my show blogs, or was never transferred)

From another boisterous night at Paul Shaffer's House, DIY space in Bronx which unfortunately No longer exists, but the same fabulous folks are punkin it out at Teh Olive Garden (check out their facebook for their super awesome shows!) Not too many pics but great nonetheless. R.I.P

Jesse Carsten Band

Jesse Carsten: Guitar, Vocals
Will Moloney: Drums
Kevin Yankou: Bass


Though this band is no longer together, they had a great run of it and were rated 4b by Deli NYC on their best Indie Rock Catagory. All the members are involved in new projects.
Sarah Dupuis: Guitar, Vocals
Julian Fader: Drums
Chuck Wilson: Trombone

These pictures are fuzzy. I like them anyway. Beautiful colors and patterns man. So whatever

dancin to Quilty at PSH

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