Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DOWNBEAT HOMEWARMING PASTA PARTY YEA at the Olive Garden( A sing-a-long amongst friends)

This Show was very dear to my heart.
Jesse Carsten and I are currently planning on moving to portland Or. This show/potluck was a sort of going away party for us. However, the day we were supposed to leave some asshole in a mini-van drove his car into our beautiful volvo(which we had registered the day before), and we are here until further notice. Either way, this night was suuuuppper emotional for me. And I must admit this post is really just for my freinds. why? because on many of the songs you can hear me singing along rather drunkenly and it is embarrassing but I am sharing nonetheless. It was a magical night, thanks to all who played!

This show was held at the Olive Garden in Bronx NY. A new DIY space run by the same cool cats who ran Paul Shaffer's House in the Bronx, and was shut down a few months ago. Lets hope all their musical adventures go well, because we desperately need places like this for our souls to not die. I am NOT exaggerating.

After much hanging and debauchery, the night started with a really wonderful set by Old Table

Old Table
Will Moloney: Vocals, guitar

Everything Sucks..... We all had a laugh about it....

Bowing Song

This song Breaks me inside and Out every time I hear it. I love it. As you can probably tell from how loud I am singing. Goddamnit.

Followed by the magical..
Cave Cricket
Kira Sassano: Ukelele, shrutti box, vocals
Steve Yankou: Cello

Song for the Mind


Earth Angel

Jesse Carsten
above on guitar and vocals

Blinding Subject

Spacious/ Hilarious

Joined by Aaron Maine to sing Bullshark, from their new split-tape, which you can get here

Cold and Westward

we are all very loud on this one. hurray. Everyone loves this song, this song about how sex is hard and being expected to conform to a gender is even harder. Unfortunately however, my motherfucking camera freaked out and stopped recording right before the best part. the J-E-S-S-I-I-I AM NOT A MAN! part. to see a video of the song in full click here but you won't get the magic of 20 people screaming along. damn camera)

Aaron Maine of Porches
Guitar, Vocals

Apologies! My camera ran out of disk space and then died during this set! and I was just too damn drunk to deal with it okay!?

Cover of Old Table's . Like some weird baptist revival meeting.

This show was also a tape release show, to celebrate a split tape collaboration from the above Jesse Carsten and Aaron Maine, released by Hot Fruit Tapes. Here is the link to a free download. It is also available in tape form(obviously). Please download, listen, and share with freinds.

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