Saturday, September 24, 2011

Permanent Wave's Second Sound Wave

Poster by Jesse Carsten

An Incredible Night put together by The Permanent Wave community to benefit the Center for Reproductive Rights. Shea Stadium hosted.

"Permanent Wave is a feminist group that knows women are more than groupies and merch girls. We value art from female, trans, and LGBTQ people that challenges the norm. We believe that women should see other women as collaborators and inspirations, not rivals. We want to rip the band-aid off the halted conversations and change the way women are treated."

:::::PS XO -

val opielski - guitars/vx
heather wagner - drums/vx

PS XO Permanent Wave


Geoff Lewit - drums, backing vocals
Hailey Wojcik - guitars, lead vocals, backing vocals

Erica Quitzow-one woman music machine.

Quitzow Permanent Wave

After Time
Stark Night. On our Way Home. Brooklyn

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