Sunday, September 25, 2011

Return To Westchester 10 Band Show Case

A weird night. Nothing went smoothly, but there were nonetheless some wonderful moments, and Will Table really stole the show with his all cover's set of 90's etc. hits

The Specifics
New Rochelle
Charles Prioleau- lead vocals, lead guitar/bass
Devoye Folkes- percussion (in its many forms)
Nick Cipollone- rhythm guitar/percussion
Colin Donaghy- ukulele, rhythm guitar/bass, back-up vocals

Old Table
Will Moloney on Sax and Vocals
James Zandoli- Drums
Steve Tulotta on guitar
Steve Yankyou on Vocals and Bass

get all of Old Table's music here for free. You'll never be the same.

So incredibly, this entire set has been recorded. Will Table self proffeses it as one of his greatest works. Don't miss out on all the hits.

Sax Solo Baby

Steve Yankyou singing along in the corner of the pic there

So Old Table is not generally a cover band, and technically, this evening wasn't a night of covers so much as it was a performative appropriation of late popular rock history. Old Table is the music project of Will Moloney, or Will Table. He is frequently joined by ever changing band members. There are many instances of Old Table on this blog( or will be anyway), but I thought now would be a good time to talk about one of the reasons Old Table is such an incredible band, and why Will's music lives so deeply in the hearts of those in his community.

If you've ever seen Will perform live you will be aware of his incredible ability to fearlessly confront an audience. He is aggressive and "inappropriate". But no matter how much of a jerk he purposefully presents himself as, the truth of Wills music and his performative style exists because he cares(and he has a killer sense of humor). Will cares so deeply about the world, about humans, and believes in us despite our stupid actions. There is a difference between aggression for aggressions sake, and using this old performative mode to shock those around you into revolutionary thought. Will is angry, you see? We are all angry, and a single voice, a direct use of language, entering into the minds of the young, the passionate, can have more power then any empty piece of legislation.

If you ever go to an Old Table Show, you'll notice something really stunning. This huge group of kids singing along, closing their eyes and screaming each word with Will. Singing like they mean it. Like it's their song. Like its some anthem but without the bullshit. (an incredible example of this is this video of Aaron Maine (Porches and Sex God Cowboys) performing an Old Table standard at the Pasta Potluck Acoustic Show. Everyone was singing, and you can really see in the video how much people love this music. Including myself. It's like a revival meeting. Video Here) Because Will is just as scared and confused as the rest of us. Confused and young and wrestling with idealism and its meaninglessness in the face of chaos. Caring and not having a clue what to do with it. And speaking. Not for us. He's not our spokesperson. He is a voice. As all poets are, voices unheard. That the biggest problems are felt by all of us. That pain and imprisonment effect all genders not just women and gays. That transgender isn't a phenomenon, Being Gay isn't equal to being a freak of nature. That racism is real and what are you gonna do about it. You live in a privileged community and when are YOU gonna recognize that? That religion causes war while falsely preaching love, but no one cares.

A wild poet, is our Will. A wild poet and performer and musician. Calling upon the history of free jazz to hold him up, the Sharrocks, Coltrane and Monk, calling and questioning God, Race, Gender, History and Cultural norms with Sound, wild blaring terrifying sounds that changed the way people thought by using language which spoke so deep, infusing the radicals with itsnoteblarebeepsscratchscreetch.

And so that Will will forgive me for saying all that I have said, I will end with these four words,

The Enthusiasts

Honestly, I was having too much fun dancing to these guys to take any pictures.

The Genuine Imitations
White Plains
G.I. Dave on guitar and vocals
Jesse Carsten on bass
Will Moloney on Drums

Throwback set in which G.I Dave sang lots of old songs, particularly 22 ones about Hamsters


REALLY awesome Gif of G.I. Dave jumping off stage will go here.

Following The Genuine Imitations Set we all watched their new Music video Take Me out to Dinner which I've included here. Please note I did NOT take this video.

Then No One and the Somebodies played a few songs and Jesse Carsten Band performed. Unfortunately I only have one picture of this, with Jesse Carsten singing along to N.O.A.T.S.
I am guessing my camera died and that is why there are no more photos.

Cept this one.


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