Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stefan Fink, Albert Goold, Jesse Carsten Band, and The Widest Smiling Faces at Purchase Co-Op April 29, 2011

A Night kindly Hosted by the Purchase College Co-Op April 29, 2011 in Westchester NY.

One of the most genuine men to pick up a guitar. I admit I am generally not an acoustic type of girl, but Stefan's presence is so welcoming, his energy so refreshing that I am always immediately pulled in. And that self comes through so well in his music. It challenges you to join him in innocence and a search for beauty. Though his music is sensitive, even romantic at times, it is not the alienating sappiness latent in many singer-songwriter acts. Stefan's music is permeating with Hope, and he is inviting you to share in that Hope with him. He is an engaging performer and I really recommend you check out his bandcamp by clicking on his name above(and then come back to this blog and check out the other awesome musicians)

Stefan Fink Co-Op 1

Here's a link to his bandcamp

Jesse Modeling a Vegan Fudgesicle, which they so kindly sell at the Co-Op.

Jesse Carsten on guitar and vocals
Kevin Yankou on Bass
Will Moloney on Drums

Jesse Carsten Band Co-Op 1

Speaking of Jesse Carsten Band, Jesse has released a new split tape with Aaron Maine of Porches and Space Ghost Cowboys. It's really incredible and so worth a listen. You can download it here for free, or email me if you wanna a tape. Only 5 dollers

The Widest Smiling Faces
Aviv Cohn on guitar and vocals

I have long been a fan of original Shoegaze and Dream Pop. So when encountered with Aviv Cohn's trembling voice and haunted layers of guitar I was immediately entranced. His guitar playing is unpretentious, building slowly in various movements, combinations of repeated sound. Never showing off, it is nonetheless complex. His timorous Tenor voice quakes in and out, reflecting and floating upon the flowing back of his guitar. The whispered words combined with the eloquent string picking work together so effectively.

Basically...I think aviv's really got something going. Many modern Shoegaze bands have completely lost what made that music so compelling. Aviv's updated take on the genre is exciting and a bit like coming home for an old fan. Plus...He's a nice fucking guy!!

Sorry for all the hand noisesssss

The Widest Smiling Faces just released a new EP which is available here at his bandcamp.


Your Feet

My Feet

Definitely Love.

Steve of N.O.A.T.S, TURBOSLEAZE and Cave Cricket.
Sam of Youtube fame.

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